Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Count your life by smiles

Happy Wednesday fellow blog readers!

Meet Frida and Fiona, my parents new rescue pups and my weekend companions. These little cuties are going to be my featured guests this week. Unfortunately, I did not have my dandy photographer to take pictures of my weekend outfits, but I do have some marvelous selfies of the outfits I wore last week that should suffice for the time being. I spent the weekend visiting my family in Georgia since it was Mother's Day on Sunday. Although uneventful, it is great to be home and out of the city once in a while.  Even though I'm not to fond of spending all my time rummaging through the nature trails back home, the quirky charm tends to be the shopping! One of my fabulous finds of the weekend was a black and beige long sleeve Michael Kors dress which I bought for $10 at Ross after some heavy discounts - and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it (picture below). I also found some cute necklaces at Target that will be sprucing up some of my outfits this summer. I couldn't stop there, especially when I found and subsequently purchased two polka dot dresses in different colors.... at this point I can say that I have about 25 items #polkaintervention.

As always, stay tuned for future posts. I'm hoping to start posting twice a week soon.

(1) Neighbors tulip garden // (2) Stroll through the park // (3) Wall decor and menu at Big Star //
(4) Michael Kors Dress // (5) Frida's Running action shot // (6) Polka dot & Pearls

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pink Blazer, Two Ways

After a sunny week in Chicago and spending every lunch break outside, it was finally time to show some legs! Given that it was a normal weekend for me (No Friday Off), I spent Saturday shopping around Lincoln Park  - because we all know I can't spend a weekend without bargain hunting. After visiting Old Navy and TJ Maxx, Cinco de Mayo celebrations ensued. My friend Amanda and I decided to celebrate a day early so we went to Big Star in Wicker Park to have some delectable Tacos al Pastor and Margaritas. Best Decision Ever. Although, we unfortunately spent fifty minutes waiting for a table.

After lunch, we decided to play "What Not To Wear" in Amanda's closet, while drinking some Cupcake Prosecco. Let's just say there were plenty of floral shirts from the 90's that met their fate and I am certain they are still in the corner of her room (cough, cough). THROW THEM AWAY. Then, after putting together some outfits with items she already owns (and prancing around in a fairy skirt), we decided to play with her Mary Kay cosmetics to create some simple makeup routines. Totally fun! Lastly, I may or may not have spent twelve hours of my weekend watching True Blood Season 1. Believe me, these things just happen people. They just do! No judging.

I hope you enjoy this post on how to wear a pink blazer with shorts or a dress. Enjoy the rest of your week my fellow readers! <3

Top:  Shirt from Ann Taylor Loft // Floral Shorts from Ann Taylor Loft // Pink Blazer from Fenn Wright Manson courtesy of TJ Maxx

Bottom: Polka dot dress from TJ Maxx (last Spring) // Korbin Wedge Bootie from Target

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sweet Escape

"Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here" to tell you about the weekend that I had in New York with E. This happened after a short, but sweet visit to Dallas. I wish I had more entertaining pictures of Dallas other than the "BIG" picture on instagram, but I was having too much fun that I forgot (this is not typical blogger behavior, my apologies). 

So back to New York....As soon as I made it to the concrete jungle I decided to end the gruesome twelve day shopping hiatus and made my way to Marshalls and TJ Maxx. As it was 70 degrees, it was appropriate to find the perfect 'boyfriend' shorts for the summer. In all honesty, I am tired of hiding my legs under these tights - my legs are in immediate need some vitamin D or possibly a natural glow spray tan. The shopping haul was a success as bought a ton of adorable tops at LOFT and I found the PERFECT shorts at Old Navy. Click the link, you're welcome.

The next day, E and I spent the day in Central Park. While he studied, I spent most of the time people watching and listening to music. He was kind enough to take some pictures which are posted below. We proceeded to go to Public in SoHo as E wanted to try some grilled kangaroo. Yes, you read that right - Kangaroo. I'm still trying to get over the fact that I tasted this and shivering at the fact that PETA is about to hunt me down. After this experience, we moved on to dessert and I cleansed my palette with some delicious cupcakes from the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. These cupcakes made me forget the sin of what I had eaten an hour prior especially since they were wayyyy better than Magnolia. I had the "Dreaming Princess" which was an almond base cake smothered in raspberry and meringue frosting. No complaints here, folks! Lastly, on Sunday at noon on my way to Chipotle I got to witness the filming of Spider Man at the Hearst Tower. Unfortunately, there were no celebrities in sight but it was pleasant to witness. Stay tuned for more pictures sometime this week. 

Left Picture: Floral Blazer from Target (mentioned in a previous post) // Crepe Pocket Blouse from Ann Taylor LOFT

Right Picture: Cynthia Rowley Blazer from TJ Maxx // Heart Sweater from Old Navy // Jeans from Ann Taylor Loft// Lavada Slide Sandals from Target

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walking on Sunshine

The weather in Chicago always turns into a game of rock, paper, scissors. Unfortunately, you can only get one thing at a time. You want sun and no wind? Not happening. You want no rain and 70 degree temperature? You'll be in the middle of a monsoon on your way to work. As you can see you can never get what you ask for. Every morning has become a challenge and begs the question of whether I should wear my raincoat, fleece jacket, or coat. These are moments of frustration, but I cannot complain, summers in the city are marvelous.

Things slightly changed on Saturday, when Mother Nature graced us with SUNSHINE and allowed me to take some fabulous pictures. However, it was cold, so I only made it as far as my front deck. I promise once it gets warm there will be a change of scenery. 

Today, I will be departing to Dallas until Thursday. Sunny and 80 degrees. Stay tuned on Instagram and watch out for a new outfit post next Tuesday. I'm sure Dallas will be a great canvas for new pictures. 

OUTFIT:  Cynthia Rowley Peplum Top // Cynthia Rowley Navy Blazer // Plum Skinny Jeans // Mossimo Kinley Boots

Cynthia Rowley items can be found at TJ Maxx. 

Look mom, no glasses!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Benefit + Birchbox Event

So this week I had the pleasure of attending a Birchbox sponsored event at the Benefit boutique in Lincoln Park. It was a two hour affair that involved plenty of pink bubbly and mini delicious confections. I'm not going to lie, I had pre-birchbox mimosas and Goat Cheese Ravioli before attending...and I cannot forget to mention the AWESOME Women's Health Birchbox I received in the mail two hours prior.

On a side note, for those of you who do not know what Birchbox is (and sorry for those of you who hear me talk about it all the time) - Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends 4-5 samples based on your preferences and profile through the mail for $10 per month. You are always guaranteed to receive a range of products from nail polishes, to perfumes, to facial creams, and full-sized makeup products.

The event was kicked off with a complimentary brow shaping which was much needed! After some billowy brows, a makeup consultation ensued. I finally was able to gather a step-by-step makeup routine and I got to sample and see which products I really needed in my makeup bag. Since we were given a $35 gift card, I ended up splurging more than I expected (two days prior I decided I was taking a one-week shopping hiatus). What ended up coming home with me (along with ANOTHER Benefit sponsored birchbox) was the Hello Flawless foundation and Perk Up Artist corrector. So far I am enjoying the quality of the makeup and will let you know the results at a later post.

Have a great weekend

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Floral Blazer


So excited to begin this new journey and there is no better way to start it off than with one of my favorite outfits right now. 

Prepare to see this blazer quite often during the Spring and Summer....possibly all year round. Even though there was some snow on the ground this morning (Punxsutawney Phil lied), I couldn't pass the opportunity to show this off while there was a hint of sun. 

Anyway, happy weekend gals! 

Target gold chevron polka dot tank // Floral Blazer // Old Navy plum pants // Tassel Flats //Marc Jacobs Watch

Photos courtesy of my dear friend Amanda